Welcome Back!

September 9, 2020

From the eager freshers to the returning students, we warmly welcome you this September of 2020 to the University, ISoc, and most importantly, to our newly renovated blog.

We never thought the day would come. But here we are, announcing that the Blog is back! Bigger, better and bolder than ever. 

After our haunting 2 year absence we’ve gotten ourselves back up and running. In our break we’ve gathered up a team of writers and developed a new management strategy behind the scenes, which means you can expect regular weekly articles as well as campaigns for important causes across the year. The blog is for you students so if there’s anything you’d like to see or be addressed do tell us! And like always, any articles - whether it’s sharing a perspective, personal stories, educational pieces, or something about your degree - you're more than welcome to send it in to be published! 

Be prepared for everything from Islamic pearls of wisdom to mouth-watering recipes and all that’s in between - coming your way from September 2020!