Welcome to The University of Manchester Islamic Society

Who we are

Manchester Islamic Society is a student-led body that focuses on providing services for Muslim University students in Manchester. We are one of the most active societies in Manchester and host many activities, events and classes throughout the academic year to bring together the Muslim community on campus.

Our team is diverse and motivated, made up of volunteers studying a variety of different courses coming from all over the UK

If you’re a new student who wants to know more about our events, or if you’re someone who would like to get involved, get in touch

We look forward to seeing you around campus soon!

What we do


We host a wide array of events throughout the year, ranging from religious educational events to our popular socials.

We also run events that engage with our local communities and offer opportunities for non-Muslims to discover more about our religion. 


We collated many resourses for students to learn and benefit drom, including online and in person courses.

These resourses are from third party Muslim organizations and we provide deals for students to study from them.


We created some unique and benefical guides for a variety of students to benift from.

This includes guides for freshers, international students, medics, dentists, and students looking for accommodation.

Our Blog

Will You Deserve Eid?

April 2, 2023
One third of the way through, and this is where the excitement and buzz of Ramadan starts waning. Well, for everyone but those who know its virtues.

Ready, Set, Ramadan.

March 25, 2023
Panic! There’s just over a week left until Ramadan and everyone around you has already been preparing.  But you haven’t and now it’s all catching up to you. How are you going to make the most of this month? Is it even worth starting to prepare now? What am I even supposed to do? Pause […]


March 21, 2023
Guess what, folks?  It’s winter.  Dark on your way to uni. Dark on the way back. Gloomy weather, miserable people, a chilling cold that no amount of whatever-spiced-lattes can amend…  And because the Sun is barely out, it’s our time, as Muslims, to shine.  So long Summer. This is Winter- the season of the believer.  […]

Laylatul Qadr

November 1, 2022
As we approach the end of Ramadhan, Muslims all over the world are awaiting theopportunity to gain infinite rewards and blessings from Laylatul Qadr.Here is a guide to everything you need to know about this blessed night and how toattain maximum rewards!But first, what exactly is Laylatul Qadr? Many scholars translate this as the Night […]

Ramadan: the month of Forgiveness

April 22, 2022
The blessed month is with us once again, Alhamdulillah and we are lucky enough to witness the beauty of this holy month, a time that we all look forward to year round. Ramadan is about many things but it is also the month of forgiveness, the month of mercy where the doors of hell are […]

Ramadan Reflection: How I set my goals

April 20, 2022
Written by: Mariam It’s the blessed month of Ramadaan. We’re halfway through and reflecting on the past two weeks I’ve realised how easy it is to burden yourself with goals and high expectations of how much dhikr (remembrance of Allah) and Ibaadah (worship of Allah). Truthfully speaking I do this every year and I’m beginning […]


February 27, 2022
Of course, it is never easy when the storm hits and you are suddenly engulfed in darkness, consumed with rain and thunder and no way to get out. You try to call for help, but you realise there is no human there to save you, no way to stop the rain from seeping in and […]

Starting the New Year Strong in Imaan

December 31, 2021
Let’s face it. To say that the past year and a half have changed our lives is an understatement. For many people, lockdown was a time of productivity. People had the chance to do things that they wouldn’t normally get to do. This also included reconnecting and becoming closer to Allah (SWT). A huge number […]

Tesnime’s Spoken Word

November 19, 2021
Brainwashed and blind folded Hands sawn by the handcuffs Feet are now numb to the chains and the cold concrete The body is so bruised and wounded I can’t even remember what not feeling pain is like The screams and the thwacks of the whips Are now background noise I can’t even remember what silence […]

How to handle hardships in life

November 5, 2021
Everyone suffers from hardship in life. It is safe to say it is completely normal, whether that be something big or small. However, it’s important to keep in mind that it is all a test from Allah, the All-Mighty. So do not lose hope. Have faith in Allah, always.      We all get tested in life […]

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