Online Courses

Roots Academy

Roots Academy cultivates faith through bitesize, structured and relevant learning tailored to the 21st century.

Roots academy has recently launched its Essentials Certificate, releasing short and accessible online courses tailored to the needs of Muslim university students, in partnership with Islamic Societies. Each module is made up of short 15 – 20 minute videos that can be completed in a couple of weeks.

Its sessions are delivered by Sheikh Hisham Abu Yusuf who is also the Nottingham University Chaplain and a regular instructor at ISocs and FOSIS events around the country.

Signing up to Roots is FREE!!

Al-Maghrib Faith Essentials

A complete online learning hub for the everyday Muslim, taught by respected well known scholars in interactive video. Bite-size sessions ,on the go, ask questions and get answers. Sweep through every “must-know” of Islam – spirituality, worship and daily interactions.

Also, Al-Maghrib have kindly offered our ISoc a 50% discount on their faith essentials subscription!!!

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The Vision at Sabeel is to see tarbiyah spread across Europe and the rest of the World. Their aim is to ensure that Muslims across the World are developed with their holistic development programme in order for these individuals to then excel spiritually and academically whilst maintaining a strong sense of Islamic identity and understanding.

Sabeel run a programme which works alongside the academic year. They have courses like ‘Living Productive Lives’ which is supplementary to that.

Sabeel has given our ISoc a 50% discount on their Living Productive Lives course

Eman Academy

Eman Academy is an online & on-demand platform that allows you to study Islamic Sciences in the comfort of your own home. Their interactive online services help students track their progress and share knowledge with each other. 

They have a selection of six sciences (Aqeedah, Fiqh, Hadith, Seerah, Tafsir & Tajweed)  as well as supplementary short courses.

Mufti Ismail Menk is the dean of Eman Academy and teaches the science of Hadith.

Eman Academy have given our ISoc 2 months free access to their platform after which it’s only £6 a month

Seekers Guidance

Seekers Guidance is a global online Islamic Seminary which offers Islamic Knowledge from qualified scholars free of charge.

They offer live and on-demand courses with over 140 courses available both in the arabic and english language, as well written answers to thousands of commonly asked questions.

Cambridge Islamic College - DeepDeen

Unparalleled depth of learning: DeepDeen is the online platform for your journey into learning about the intricacies of the Islamic sciences and the Arabic language using classical texts , simplified and bought into context by the esteemed Scholar , Sheikh Dr Mohammad Akram Nadwi.

The best part of studying via DeepDeen is that you will have unlimited access to all the lectures as soon as you subscribe so you can study at your own pace, from the comfort of your home.

Complete short courses or online diplomas across all levels in various Islamic diciplines.

Al Bayyinah TV

Watch listen and learn as Ustath Nouman Ali Khan covers every aspect of the Quran, from the opening chapter to the final chapter. You may also choose to master Arabic and directly connect with Allah’s words without translation.

Bayyinah invites you to go from just reciting the Quran to deepening your understanding of its miraculous structure while experiencing a spiritual and intellectual awakening.

Bayyinah TV also offer a sponsored one-year subscription to its entire content library, as well as access to the mobile app for those who cannot afford a year long membership (ie students) by filling out the sponsorship request form on the website

Alkauthar institute

AlKauthar Institute is a pioneering academic Islamic education provider of Islamic Studies in the English language. They offer dynamic educational programs designed to impart tertiary level, academic Islamic instruction and are taught by qualified, professional instructors who share a wealth of experience in the Islamic and secular spheres.

They offer a wide range of online courses on various topics such from Seerah, to Spirituality, to Quran studies and Arabic

Advanded Resourses

For those of you looking for something a bit more higher level, take a look at these resources