Ramadan Reflection: How I set my goals

April 20, 2022

Written by: Mariam

It’s the blessed month of Ramadaan. We’re halfway through and reflecting on the past two weeks I’ve realised how easy it is to burden yourself with goals and high expectations of how much dhikr (remembrance of Allah) and Ibaadah (worship of Allah). Truthfully speaking I do this every year and I’m beginning to realise that although you should strive to be a better Muslim and definitely increase your ibaadah during Ramadaan, it shouldn’t be to an unsustainable level. 

It’s almost unavoidable to completely focus on improving yourself without comparing what your doing with what others are doing. Seeing posts/ stories of friends reading Qur’aan when you're not can be guilt provoking. 

Personally I think before Ramadaan starts it’s always a good idea to write out realistic goals. Taking into account what you did the previous Ramadaan and how you found it as well as your habitual Ibaadah can help you find these realistic goals. An often neglected factor that is apparent in hindsight is how tiring fasting can be and that fasting in itself is Ibaadah. 

Reflecting on all the above I have adjusted my goals this Ramadaan and I’m focusing on maintaining a good level of Ibaadah and also building in good habits that insha’Allah can be sustained throughout the year.