Who is Allah? At-Tawwab, The Acceptor of Repentance

April 18, 2021

Continuing with our Who is Allah campaign, this week we learn more about Allah's name: At-Tawwab, the one who accepts repentance. What better time to turn to Allah and seek his forgiveness and guidance, than the blessed month of Ramadan!

At Tawwab is the one who urges for our return to him and this beautiful month is the exact time for us to do that. He is the one who repeatedly guides us to turn back to him if we ever enter the wrong path and all he wants from us is to remember him and seek his aid.

From the root t-w-b which has the following classical Arabic connotations: to return to goodness, to repent, to be restored, to be rewarded for deeds, to be repeatedly summoned or called. This tells us that Allah is all good and pure, so to return to goodness is to return to Allah. If you are struggling, in pain, or even if you are happy and well, there is Allah’s mercy in it all, so it is vital we keep His name on the tip of our tongues.

As we have been blessed enough to enter this holy month, it is important we use our time wisely - to do ibadah (worship) and seek forgiveness. It is often the case that the more one sins, the more likely they are to stray away from God as they fear they are undeserving of His mercy. However, to think that way is also a sin as it is doubting the love and rahma of Allah SWT. To know that He wants us to return to Him and that He WANTS to reward us for our deeds, yet still believe He won’t forgive you and your sins if you were to genuinely repent, then you are once again, doubting who He is.

Ramadan is the month of forgiveness and mercy so regardless of the sins you have committed, use this time to turn back to your creator and grab every opportunity you can to do good. We must live each day as it is our last and each ramadan as if it is our last. Enjoy the moments you get at suhoor and iftaar, at taraweh and tahajjud, at the last hour before maghrib or the nap you take after duhur, the moments you share with friends and the ones you share with family, there is ibaadah in it all if you are doing it for the sake of Allah and remembering Him. So make the absolute most of this month so that even when it is over, you are no afraid to ask for Allah SWT’s mercy!

May this month be beneficial and beautiful for us all, Ameen