Who is Allah: Ash Shafee, The Healer

March 14, 2021

As-Shafi – The Healer.

He who knows of all illnesses, of all their causes and cures and also the provider of all of them; the illnesses of the body, mind and soul; illnesses of doubt, illusions, malice, jealousy and sins. There is no healing except by His and no removing of harm except by Him.

Ash-Shafi is one of the remarkable names of the Exalted in the heavens—Allah—and we must praise Him, because He named Himself this name and is worthy to be characterized by the quality of healing, and He is the only One who heals and recovers the bodies of his worshippers. It is also a name with a clear meaning, and just by its appearance a deep meaning can be reflected upon. Ash-Shefaa (healing) is always related to the sickness. We need to ensure we have imaan and strong faith that all these sicknesses and different illnesses are trials from Allah.

As believers, when we are afflicted with sickness, we see it as a source of good deeds for us. And it is a means in which Allah swt wipes away our bad deeds and raises our ranks and levels in the paradise. This is how the believer sees illness. He sees it as something positive. The prophet AS was narrated to say that there is no calamity that afflicts the believer except that Allah swt expiate his sins. In another hadeeth, the prophet AS said that Allah swt will continue to afflict calamity upon a servant until the servant begins to walk on earth and he has no sins to his name whatsoever. Our predecessors would congratulate one after recovering from an illness, as stated by Muslim b. Yasar, they would say to each other, “congratulations on the purification”. This is the true reward of patience when afflicted with pain and illnesses. It can all become a source of good for you as long as you react to it in the correct and positive way. This is how Allah swt purifies his beloved slaves.

No human being is free from injury. Sooner or later they will be inflicted with an illness; if not a physical illness, then most certainly at least a spiritual one. Each person must pinpoint the source of their pain. Is it a physical pain keeping you up at night? Is it a psychological one that burdens you with terrible anguish and crippling anxiety? Is it an Islāmic illness of doubt, impermissible cravings, laziness, an inability to be productive or a weakness in experiencing the joy of Ibādah? So with your weakness in mind, your pain in sight, and your unwavering certainty in al-Shāfi, use this Majestic name of His in du’ā; “O Shāfi, you see my pains and know of my situation. Heal me.”Allahumma Ameen