Who is Allah? Al-Witr, The One and The Unique

April 7, 2021

Al Witr – The One and The Unique

Allah is the One who each and every one of us depends on and, He is the one and only Deity that we believe in. Allah swt is One in His being, meaning there is no other like Him. He is unique in His essence, in all His attributes and there is nothing equal to Him in any way.

Linguistically the word ‘Witr’ means that which is odd-numbered, uneven or not equable. Allah’s name Al-Witr is related in meaning to His beautiful names Al-Ahad and Al-Waahid.

Al-Waahid shows that He is One and that he has always been One. There was never a time where there were multiple Gods, and there never will be. Al-Ahad conveys the meaning that there is no one similar in His uniqueness. Allah swt is absolutely unique in His attributes and characteristics. His listening and His hearing are not like anyone else’s listening and hearing. This is supported by the ending of Surah Ikhlaas – ‘nor is there to Him any equivalent’.

And Al-Witr is the One, the Odd, and an entity that cannot be divided. Allah swt has no match, He is unparalleled and unequalled. He cannot be divided and there is no one that can become equal to Him or that can become His counterpart.
Allah says, “All praise be to Allah Who has neither taken to Himself a son, nor has He any partner in His Kingdom, nor does He need anyone, out of weakness, to protect Him.” (Al Isra 17:111) Similarly, when the polytheists came to the Prophet SAW and said to him “tell us about the lineage of your Lord”, Allah swt revealed Surah Ikhlaas to highlight there is no lineage for Allah swt. You do not talk about Allah the way you talk about the creation. You do not liken Allah to the creation – when you look at the creation you wonder; where is its origin? Where did it come from? But Allah swt is the Creator, He always was and always will be One.

Allah swt has created the entire creation in pairs, as he says, “And of everything We have created two pairs” (Adh-Dhariyat 51:49) such that they have an opposite or counterpart. It is only then it is complete, i.e., the is no concept of light if there is no darkness. Things are known by their opposites, if not their existence would be incomplete. However, Allah swt is independent of ALL. He is perfect and complete in and of Himself. He alone is the Creator and there is no Owner besides Him. He has absolute authority and power over the creation.

Therefore, all of these names are teaching us that Allah azza wa jall is One and Unique in His essence, all His powers, knowledge and abilities. He is One in His Uloohiyya, no one has a share, He is the only One that deserves worship. All attributes of divinity are solely confined to Allah and this is why we believe in the concept of Tawheed.

So how can we live by this name?
Study the meaning and increase your understanding of the Oneness of Allah (Tahweed). It is important to live with the understanding of the Oneness of Allah swt. If you don’t know about the oneness of Allah, then you are missing out – you are missing out on life and on your true purpose of existence. Tawheed is liberating, it is a beautiful wholesome concept which satisfies our minds and hearts and brings us clarity. Tawheed is the greatest reality because it is the reality of our Creator.

In this life, when you believe that it is Allah swt who is the giver and disposer of all affairs, He is the one who has all power. You ONLY need to strive to please Allah. Allah is Al-Witr, the One who your complete focus should be on. Give Allah swt importance over everything else. Remind yourself each day Allah swt is the only one who can give you Paradise, so put Him first and not what people think or want of you or even what your nafs whispers to you. Once you are able to do this, everything else falls into place. This is when your heart will truly be at peace; you will have found your purpose in life.

Lastly mention and declare His Oneness when making Dua.
O Allah, Al-Witr, we bear witness that there is no God but You, we know that You are One and Unique. Help us to remind ourselves of Your oneness and turn to You only for all our needs and us of those who consistently pray the Witr Prayer.’ Allahumma Ameen♥️