Who is Allah: Al Haqq, The Truth

March 14, 2021

Al-Haqq. The absolute truth. Allah is the one whom the truth, all righteousness and justice are revealed. Everything Allah does, says, commands, promises, rewards come from truth! His existence is undeniable and nothing else can exist except through him. If Allah is the Truth, then His words are the truth; His promise is the truth; His threat is the truth; And His acts are the truth.

Allah says in surah Yunus: “For that is Allah, your Lord, the Truth. And what can be beyond truth except error? So how are you averted?”. Thus, if we are the creation of the ultimate truth, and we worship Allah who is the truth, then we must live our lives by the principles of truth. If we’re sincere lovers of Our Lord, then we must be sincere lovers of the truth and everything that is associated to the truth.

How can we practically implement this name into our lives? First, we must ensure we are honest and truthful in all our sayings, actions and dealings with other people. The truth is not just simply spoken, but rather the truth is something to be lived. We should all strive for honesty in all our actions because that’s living in accordance with the principles of the truth. It’s a whole mindset that we have to adopt which will allow us all to become from the ‘truthful ones’.

Secondly, by understanding who Al-Haqq is and the fact that Allah is the absolute truth and nothing but the truth, we can begin to understand the truths that we are taught and obligated to follow. From this we can strengthen our Yaqeen and Imaan in Our Lord, and know with absolute certainty that whatever happens is from the Qadr of Allah swt, and due to the incredible love and care Allah swt has for his slave, he always wishes the absolute best for us. We must take comfort in Allah’s promise when things become difficult and hard for us, and have peace within ourselves that Allah’s word is true.

Finally, we should aim to be a ‘seeker of truth’. Imam Al-Ghazali said, “realizing this name (Al-Haqq) means that a person is so absorbed in the Truth that he has no room for anything else”. It doesn’t matter if the truth is for or against you. What is important for you is that you are a follower of the truth and you live by those principles entirely in both your personal and professional lives. This is also one of the most important and key steps in helping us to build Taqwa, and to have that absolute faith in Our Lord who sees and hears everything.
I end with a beautiful dua that will allow us all to become seekers of the truth! O Allah! Show us the Truth as the Truth and give us the ability to follow it. And show us falsehood as falsehood and give us the ability to avoid it. Allahumma Ameen.