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Tesnime’s Spoken Word

2 minute read Brainwashed and blind folded Hands sawn by the handcuffs Feet are now numb to the chains and the cold concrete The body...

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2 minute read Intention. A thing intended; an aim or plan. Many of us go to school because we want to get a degree or...

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Ar-Razaaq: The Provider

2 minute read Ar-Razaaq, one of the 99 names of Allah, has a meaning that encompasses all aspects of our lives in one way or...

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Beyond Ramadan

< 1 minute read Although Ramadan was a time of spiritual excellence, which set the foundations of where we intend to go above and beyond...

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The Month of The Quran

4 minute read This month marks the greatest gift to humanity; the final revelation from the highest heavens. A gift that transcends any era, community...

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The Last 10

4 minute read The last 10 days and nights of Ramadan are upon us! This blessed month has gone by so quickly, no sooner had...

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Women’s History Campaign

2 minute read In our second Women’s History post, we highlight the contributions two inspirational muslim women Fatima al-Fihri and Lubna of Cordoba, have made...

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Making the Most of Ramadan: Sadaqah

3 minute read Sadaqah describes a voluntary charitable act towards another being, whether through generosity, love, compassion or faith. Sadaqah Jariyah is a long-term kindness, a gesture that...

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Asiyah & Zaynab Bint Muhammad

3 minute read For Women’s History Month we wanted to showcase some of the amazing contributions that Muslim women across history have made. In today’s...

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