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The Legacy of Umm Ayman

The early history of Islam is marked by many remarkable black individuals who played an important role in the life of the Prophet SAW and...

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Welcome Back!

From the eager freshers to the returning students, we warmly welcome you this September of 2020 to the University, ISoc, and most importantly, to our...

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Oh the Places You’ll Pray!

Most of us often find ourselves praying between the masjid, university prayers rooms or in our homes but on occasion, when we can’t find anywhere...

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Introducing Al-Kitab Club

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu! Manchester ISoc would like to present Al-Kitab Club. We can often feel overwhelmed by all of the things we wish...

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We’re back!

  Assalamualaikum! It’s fair to say that some long overdue blog posts are in order! After dusting off the cobwebs and eagerly scribbling away at...

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Welcome, Ramadan

“Ramadan will be starting on Saturday” “I’m sorry, don’t you mean Sunday?” “Brothers, we will be fasting on Monday!” Ramadan, the blessed 9th month of...

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The Power of You

It’s important to surround ourselves with positivity, but we must also realise that we can’t completely isolate ourselves from negative energy. Ignorance, difficulty and injustice...

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What about tomorrow?

When I reflect on the past few months, I notice something. If you’d have asked me last year where I expected to be heading, my...

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My Story

As-salamu-alaikum, wa-rahma-tullahi-wa-barakahtuhu,For the next couple of minutes, you will hear my story, It’s no Tarantino script and it’s not quite as gory, In fact, you...

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The souls we don’t see

  We only ever really see a small fraction of a person. Our perspective is incredibly limited. We don’t have access to the hearts of those...

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  Beginnings are special. They signify opportunity. Just as the Sun radiates through the night sky to greet us with morning, beginnings carry with them countless...

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