Election Results 2021/2022

Congratulations to our new committee of 2021/2022!

Thank you to everyone who applied this year. If you were unsuccessful in achieving an elected position, please get in touch and stay involved!


Abdu-Allah Awad

The President shall be the chief executive officer of the Society and is the Chairperson of the Board. The President is the spokesperson, representative and correspondent for the Society in external activities

Vice President - Brother

Anas Sharief

Vice President - Sister

Waraa Hafeez

Vice Presidents assume overall responsibility of the affairs of the male/female members and directors of the Society, shall perform all the duties of the President in the absence or inability or refusal to act of the President, and will assume secondary role of the subcommittes.

General Secretary

Manal Hamad

The secretary is in charge of the general upkeep of the society and is responsible for maintaining the ISoc Calender, approving events and organising venue bookings. They play a key role in the behind the scenes of the ISoc.


Omar Taha

The Treasurer shall has the care and custody of all the funds and securities of the Society. If you would like any more information on sponsorships, please get in contact with the Treasurer.

Head of Publicity

Hana Derouiche

The Head of Publicity is in charge of general publicity of the society including media engagement.

Head of Student Affairs

Faseeha Riaz

The Head of Student Affairs will be responsible for dealing with all political engagement within the Student Union and the University.

Head of Services

Yomna Shebani

The Head of Services will be responsible in ensuring that the general needs of Muslim students on campus are catered for by the society. This includes, welfare, accommodation, prayer hall management, halal food provisions, etc.

Welfare Lead

Ambiya Khatun

The welfare officer will be in charge of ensuring that ISoc is catering to the mental and physical well-being of muslim students at the University

International Officer

Mahru Ahmad

The International officer will ensure that the needs of international students are being met

Community Lead

Marium Malik

The Community lead will be responsible for any community outreach work the ISoc does and will head the UoM GIFT Team.

Community Officer Brother

Mohammed Rashid

The Community Officer will help carry out any community outreach work the ISoc does and be a part of the GIFT team.

Community Officer Sister

Homirah Mullah

The Community Officer will help carry out any community outreach work the ISoc does and be a part of the GIFT team.

Committee Officer - Brothers

Abdul-Rahman Hameed

Adnan Kussad

Bilal Sheraz

Farees Abdul Manan

Rayyan Usama Okbah

Saif Saeed

Syed Saud Humayun

Committee Officer - Sisters

Aliyah Tariq

Fiza Mir

Hajar Rizki

Iman Khan

Myrah Khan

Raina Iqbal

Sabeeha Azizi

The committee officers will be allocated specific roles and become responsible for organising social and educational events for Muslim students on campus.