Balancing Deen and Dunya in Uni

September 17, 2021

We all know the feeling of how difficult it is to find the right balance between our Deen and our Dunya. Sometimes things can get overwhelming trying to do well in our studies while also maintaining a good level of Imaan. What most people don’t often mention is that it’s completely okay for you to not be at your highest point all the time. It’s only normal, we’re all human. What truly matters is that you get back up and keep trying. When you set your intention to do well for the sake of Allah SWT, everything gets just that much easier.

So.. if you are someone trying to figure out that balance, we pray this read will help you start In Sha Allah! Take these baby steps and you will thank yourself in the future. 


Our Deen is one of the most, if not the most, important part of all of our lives, not only for our hereafter but also for our own betterment in this world. So keeping deen at the forefront of everything will In Sha Allah help you succeed in your studies. Though it can be hard sometimes- especially living in the west, remember, nothing is possible without the help or will of Allah SWT. Studying hard for your exams without seeking help from Allah and asking Him to make things easier is like building a desk (or whatever it may be) without reading the instructions. While you may eventually figure it out, you definitely took the long way to do so! Even then, Allah willed for you to complete your task, so why not thank Him? Make it easier on yourself and never neglect making dua. Even if you think you don’t need it, because you do. We all do. 


We all know that this dunya is temporary and short-lived. You may ask yourself “well if the dunya is temporary why even bother working hard?” Islam does not ask us to live in isolation. In fact, it encourages us to seek knowledge and be educated. Hence, it is your intentions that truly matter i.e. make the intention that you are studying for the sake of Allah SWT so He will bless you in becoming more knowledgeable, helping others, providing for your family ect. Can you believe that? Simply doing your homework and studying could be acts of Ibadah (worship) if your intentions are pure. You would get good grades in this life along with a better future and who knows how many blessings are waiting for you in the Akhirah (hereafter)!

So how do you strike the right balance between deen and dunya?

  •  Begin every day with Bismillah - it may sound simple but, starting your day this way will welcome blessings.
  • Constantly remind yourself of your intentions. Why are you studying? Why are you learning? All for the sake of Allah SWT.
  • Design a schedule - Write down when and what you’re going to study as well as any spiritual acts you intend to do. Plan your day according to salah timings, that way you will be working on your betterment in the dunya and building a beautiful life in the hereafter for yourself. Make sure you set aside some daily time to read the Quran, even if it's only 5 minutes!
  • Set yourself a Quran goal - Set yourself a weekly goal to memorise a portion of the Quran. Whether that be one ayah a week or one page a day. Set yourself something and stick to it
  • Keep good company - surround yourself with righteous friends as they will have a big influence on you. Get involved with ISoc (you can sign up here)!!
  •  Remember to get enough sleep! Getting the right amount of sleep will increase your productivity, stop you from being lazy and allow you to perform your Ibadah sincerely.
  •  Eat the right foods - Eating healthy is also very important as it will prevent you from being lazy and makes it easier to stop procrastinating whether that is in terms of studying or spiritual acts.
  •  Look after yourself - Your body and soul have been entrusted to you by Allah and you are responsible for looking after them. Looking after your body means looking after your soul. Eat the right foods, get the right amount of sleep, and be active. Alongside that, pray your daily salahs and you'll be taking great care of your soul.
  • Remember not to overwork yourself - At the end of the day, we are all human and none of us can reach perfection. All we can do is first, try our best in what we are able to do and second, seek help from the Almighty, leaving everything up to Him and trusting that what is meant for us will be ours and what isn’t will not come to us. So allow yourself to take a breather when you need it. 

Try to do the best you can in your studies along with your deen and know that you are being rewarded for everything you do for the sake of Allah SWT. Believe in yourself, have trust in Allah, and keep pushing through!