Junayd Qadeer

Junayd Qadeer

About Me

“Assalamu Alaikum!

My name is Junayd and I’m a second-year medical student.

I’m a ‘welfare officer’ for the upcoming year, meaning you can contact me anytime (either online or in person) if there are any concerns you’re having about any part of uni life (or if you’d just like to chat, I’m told I have decent banter)

I enjoy demolishing my mates at Fifa, failing to cook basic nutritious meals for myself and sometimes reading. If I’m not attending lectures like a goody two-shoes you’ll probably find me losing to someone at table tennis on the top floor of Mcdougall’s.

I hope that by getting to know others and myself through ISOC you’ll be surrounded by great company, make friends for life and generally have an amazing time.

If you see me around campus, please don’t be intimidated by the towering 5’8” figure that I am and do say Salaam 😃