Meet the Team

Mariam Nasr


- I aim to expand our outreach to create a more inclusive society that is able to cater to Muslim and non-Muslim students from a diverse range of backgrounds.
- I intend to develop a strong relationship with the university and SU to ensure the voice of Muslim students is heard both on campus and on a national level.
- I hope to enhance ISoc's sustainability, developing a society that can continue to serve   Muslims and non-Muslims on campus and in the wider community for many years to come

Abdur-Rahman Dridi

Vice President (Brother)

Jasien Elimy


Zaidi Hamid

Head of Publicity

Shamima Khonat

Vice President (Sister)

Alicya Mamo

Vice President (Student Affairs)

Sumaiyah Amin

General Secretary


- to ensure that the ISoc is in good financial standing throughout the year and at the end of my term

- to increase our online presence
- to ensure all events are publicised sufficiently on multiple platforms

- to ensure that the concerns of every sister is heard and dealt with
- to provide tailored support to encourage positive growth and development of the committee.
- to increase our volunteering team
- organise career workshops and talks

-Making the chaplain service more apparent and accessible to students
-Increasing girls' participation in sports
-Launch a campaign to create more dialogue within our community about taboo topics

-to improve the general secretary services by maintaining a healthy relationship between the society and the SU
-to build a strong backbone that will contribute to the year round success of events and stalls

Akram Abdel Gadir

Adam Yasir

Ali Hussain

Feroza Seth

Zahra Ali

Maaria Rahman

- To ensure there is a welcoming Islamic environment at North campus
- To give students chances to involve themselves in charitable work in different ways
-To introduce a language exchanging platform

- Increased recognition of what Manchester ISoc has to offer
- Maintain the large amount of events that ISoc held last year, at the same high quality.

I want try and make ISoc more inclusive for everyone
- Try and collaborate and get MMU more involved with some of our events
- Try and give a more accurate representation of the Muslim body on campus


-Raise awareness of mental health issues, particularly debunking stereotypes formed by cultural beliefs
-Develop and expand the newly established ISoc blog
-Create a support network within ISoc so members feel like they belong to a caring Muslim community 

- Make all members of Isoc feel welcomed as part a family where they feel at ease 
-Help increase the Isoc’s outreach on social media
- Increase the amount of academic and pastoral support available to members in addition to helping students improve their deen.

Maalek Chatti

Moiz Shaikh

Anas Ahmed

Ex-Officio (Brother)

Amina Desai

Sumayya El Haouari

Layla Aboushagor

-  to educate and inspire
-  to make ISoc more inclusive and relevant to the masses
- Aim to make ISoc a place of spiritual development

- Continue to build on the existing charity initiatives
Improve existing peer mentoring/buddy schemes to provide support (e.g. Academic, social)

-To introduce new sports, such as swimming, to ISoc sisters this year
- To increase international student participation in ISoc
- To increase the regularity of charity projects such as care home visits and "feed the homeless" walks

- To ensure ISoc is welcoming and reaching out to as many muslims and non-muslims on campus
- Participate in campaigns about important current issues
- Come up with creative and different social activities and events

- to encourage more people to join ISoc and attend events
- to support those who are having difficulties with their time at university
- to help others further their spiritual education through ISoc

Shamena Qureshi

Hafsa Al Rifai

Ex-Officio (Sister)

- To ensure that all members feel like part of a family here at ISoc
-To help create and organise events where members can really get to know each other and build lasting friendships
-To act as a line of support for anyone who needs someone to talk to.

We are blessed to a have a large team of dedicated volunteers, who help us put on the amazing events that we do. To join this team, please email (Brothers) or (Sisters)