Meet the Team

Mariam Nasr

Aims: - I aim to expand our outreach to create a more inclusive society that is able to cater to Muslim and non-Muslim students from a diverse range of backgrounds. - I intend to develop a strong relationship with the university and SU to ensure the voice of Muslim students is heard both on campus and on a national level. - I hope to enhance ISoc's sustainability, developing a society that can continue to serve Muslims and non-Muslims on campus and in the wider community for many years to come

Shamima Khonat

Vice-President (Sister)

Mariam Nasr


Abdullah Dirdi

Vice President (Brother)

Jasien Elimy


Zaidi Hamid

Head of Publicity

Shamima Khonat

Vice President (Sister)

Alicya Mamo

Vice President (Student Affairs)

Sumaiyah Amin

General Secretary

– To ensure that I’m always present and available as a point of contact for any queries and worries that brothers may have.
– To ensure that the committee brothers are given enough support to be able to achieve their goals in their roles.

– to ensure that the ISoc is in good financial standing throughout the year and at the end of my term

– to increase our online presence
– to ensure all events are publicised sufficiently on multiple platforms

– to ensure that the concerns of every sister is heard and dealt with
– to provide tailored support to encourage positive growth and development of the committee.
– to increase our volunteering team
– organise career workshops and talks

-Making the chaplain service more apparent and accessible to students
-Increasing girls’ participation in sports
-Launch a campaign to create more dialogue within our community about taboo topics

to improve the general secretary services by maintaining a healthy relationship between the society and the SU
-to build a strong backbone that will contribute to the year round success of events and stalls

Akram Abdel Gadir

Adam Yasir

Ali Hussain

Feroza Seth

Zahra Ali

Maaria Rahman

– To ensure there is a welcoming Islamic environment at North campus
– To give students chances to involve themselves in charitable work in different ways
-To introduce a language exchanging platform

– Increased recognition of what Manchester ISoc has to offer
– Maintain the large amount of events that ISoc held last year, at the same high quality.

– I want try and make ISoc more inclusive for everyone
– Try and collaborate and get MMU more involved with some of our events
– Try and give a more accurate representation of the Muslim body on campus

– Strive to ensure spiritual development is at the forefront of ISoc
– Establish an all loving environment where every individual feels valued
– Inspire personal growth and independent learning 
– Solidify foundations of ISoc to ensure efficiency and sustainability

-Raise awareness of mental health issues, particularly debunking stereotypes formed by cultural beliefs
-Develop and expand the newly established ISoc blog
-Create a support network within ISoc so members feel like they belong to a caring Muslim community 

– Make all members of Isoc feel welcomed as part a family where they feel at ease 
-Help increase the Isoc’s outreach on social media
– Increase the amount of academic and pastoral support available to members in addition to helping students improve their deen.

Maalek Chatti

Moiz Shaikh

Zakariya Mouyer

Amina Desai

Sumayya El Haouari

Layla Aboushagor

–  to educate and inspire
–  to make ISoc more inclusive and relevant to the masses
– Aim to make ISoc a place of spiritual development

– Continue to build on the existing charity initiatives
– Improve existing peer mentoring/buddy schemes to provide support (e.g. Academic, social)

-I aim to help make ISoc become inclusive, open and active 

– I hope to build a structure for seeking knowledge on campus

-To introduce new sports, such as swimming, to ISoc sisters this year
– To increase international student participation in ISoc
– To increase the regularity of charity projects such as care home visits and “feed the homeless” walks

– To ensure ISoc is welcoming and reaching out to as many muslims and non-muslims on campus
– Participate in campaigns about important current issues
– Come up with creative and different social activities and events

– to encourage more people to join ISoc and attend events
– to support those who are having difficulties with their time at university
– to help others further their spiritual education through ISoc

Onais Farooq

Anas Ahmed

Ex-Officio (Brother)

Shamena Qureshi

Hafsa Al Rifai

Ex-Officio (Sister)

– To ensure that all members feel like part of a family here at ISoc
-To help create and organise events where members can really get to know each other and build lasting friendships
-To act as a line of support for anyone who needs someone to talk to.

We are blessed to a have a large team of dedicated volunteers, who help us put on the amazing events that we do. To join this team, please email (Brothers) or (Sisters)