Islam Awareness Week 2011

Islam Awareness Week will be coming to the University of Manchester this February!! It will be an exciting week full of events, talks, exhibitions, and many more things to do that will give students on campus a real insight to Islam, and what being a Muslim entails.

For this to be a successful event we are seeking volunteers to help us make this week as effective and beneficial as possible. We would like to hear your creative ideas and thoughts! If you would like to be a part of the IAW Team then please fill in the form below.

“Invite (all) to the way of thy Lord with wisdom and beautiful preaching…”
Quran [16:125]

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Islam Awareness Week – Last Year

Islam Awareness Week (IAW) is one of the biggest weeks in the ISoc calendar and takes place every year. This year it was from 15th to 19th February and comprised of an exhibition and lectures to raise awareness of Islam on campus and the promote the Deen to both Muslim and non-Muslim students on campus.

The exhibition took place in the Students Union and made up of many stalls run by members of The Islamic Society. The topics varied from ‘Does God Exist?’,‘Women In Islam’ and’ Hereafter’ to ‘Henna and Calligraphy’ and ‘ Food for Thought’. The stalls are very interactive with someone at hand to answer any questions.

Every evening there was a talk, all of which were successful with a good turnout. The weeks talks last year were:

Life’s a pain & then you die: What’s the point – Saleem Chagtai
Darkness to Light:
How Islam changed my life – 3 reverts
Dawkin’s Delusion
– Adam Deen
Think you know who we are?
Come find out the truth – Abdul Raheem Green
From the Vatican to Al-Azhar:
A Priest’s journey to Islam – Idris Tawfiq

For the women a ‘Pink Hijaab Day’ took place on Wednesday 17th and provided non-Muslims and Muslim sisters a chance to try on a hijaab and raise money and awareness for Breast Cancer Appeal. It was a great success where £118 was raised and a number of non-Muslims wore the hijaab for the whole day, with positive experiences.The Day was concluded with a brief talk by a revert sister sharing her story. It also gave a chance for the sisters who took part to share their thoughts and experiences of wearing a headscarf.

Throughout the whole week, free dawah packs consisting of leaflets, booklets, English Qurans, DVDs and CDs on a range of different topics were handed out to every single person who attended the exhibition.

IAW is only possible by the will of Allah followed by the help of its members. Its a fun and rewarding week, so if you want to help out contact the brother and sister in charge of Islam Awareness.

Islam Awareness isn’t over when the week ends, Isoc has a Dawah Stall outside of the Students Union once a week, for passing by Non-Muslims and Muslims to ask questions or pick up free dawah material. It is the members who run the stall, if you’d like to get involved please contact those in charge of the stall.

Spreading the word of Islam is obligatory on us all.

“Let there arise out of you a band of people inviting to all that is good; enjoining what is right, forbidding what is wrong, they are the ones to attain felicity.”
Quran [3:104]

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