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January 22, 2018
Begins6:04 am8:08 am12:21 pm2:12 pm4:33 pm6:30 pm
Iqamah7:30 am1:15 pm2:10 pm4:33 pm7:00 pm

Jummuah is at 12:15 and at 13:00

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Ramadan has taken me by storm. Just yesterday the month was dawning upon me, yet I find myself, today, already having reached the last 10 nights, as if the first 20 had charged through my life in full force, without hindrance or interruption. Time does not wait for anyone, it flows, passes, proceeds, and continues, … Read more

“Ramadan will be starting on Saturday” “I’m sorry, don’t you mean Sunday?” “Brothers, we will be fasting on Monday!” Ramadan, the blessed 9th month of the lunar Islamic year: A cyclical guest whose very commencement is, more often than not, a matter of difference and confusion. For most, Ramadan signals the re-enactment of the accustomed … Read more

It’s important to surround ourselves with positivity, but we must also realise that we can’t completely isolate ourselves from negative energy. Ignorance, difficulty and injustice will be found everywhere. If you get out of a testing situation, or cut ties with an angry person, understand that you will soon face negativity again. But let me … Read more